The GBA Process is a 4 STEP Plan to achieve your short term and long term green building initiatives: Improved efficiencies, tenant retention, asset value and return on investment

1. Execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) authorizing GBA to perform an energy audit and conduct financial modeling of energy solutions designed to integrate with your business goals and existing utility rate and tariffs.

2. GBA will work with your business and facility managers to optimize the solution for energy and capital improvement savings. This results in an Energy Services Agreement which describes the terms and conditions and payment details. Payments are always equal to or less than the energy and maintenance savings, ensuring that you will be cash flow positive on day one. And remember, you’ll never change another light fixture!

3. GBA and our partners procure the equipment to complete your project and manage its construction and installation in a timely manner. You can choose your own contractor, or we can provide one from our stable of qualified and tested installers.

4. The project is now complete, and you will begin to enjoying your energy savings. We will continue to own, operate, and maintain the solution throughout the term of the agreement taking the burden off your staff and bank account.

The equipment can be purchased for fair market value of $1.