Finally start a business that you’re truly passionate about. The green energy business has only reached about 3% market share in the US. With that said, the cost of renewable energy and other green technologies have plummeted, making it much more attractive for thousands of businesses and commercial real estate investors to go green.  In fact, solar energy is now cheaper than purchasing your power from the local utility company.  The growth in this sector is truly unprecedented, as more home and business owners make the transition from dirty energy, made from fossil fuels, to clean energy made from the sun.  We also, offer a suite of incentive-based and cost saving services that create incredible door opening opportunities in your market.


GBA offers a comprehensive training and support system second to none.  From video, audio, web based training, live coaching calls and ongoing training, our technical team of subject matter experts go to work each day to help you close your deals.   We also supply you with professional sales tools and brochures, a replicated website and more.


Once on board as a GBA, we help you set up a marketing campaign to help launch your business.  This includes actual leads we send to you, through email and social marketing via Linkedin and Twitter.